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Why Use KIM Over Traditional Sheet Membrane Systems?


Determining which type of waterproofing to use for an upcoming project can always be a big decision to make.

The waterproofing market these days is known to be flooded with below-grade water-proofing products which must be carefully reviewed prior to application & use. Many companies now use bentonite sheet membranes, the majority of which are laid underneath the concrete slabs as a waterproofing measure. Many of these sheet membranes however, are of cheap & low quality and are imported directly from China or India.

Unlike the sheet membranes however, concrete admixture has the distinct advantage of being a self-sealing structure that transforms concrete into a powerful water-resistant barrier.

Key benefits of the Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Technology in KIM are:

  • Everlasting Results: As KIM is added into the concrete matrix, it provides the benefit of extreme resistance to peeling, cracking, tearing or any other type of wear. Unlike other untrustworthy exterior membrane systems, KIM is able to infiltrate far down into the concrete & is able to self-heal hairline cracks of up to 0.5mm in width. Even years down the road, KIM is able to reactivate itself in the presence of water.
  • Providing Protection In Reinforcing Steel: A key benefit of KIM is that it significantly adds to the longevity of concrete structures by preventing the penetration of waterborne concrete structures.
  • Ideal For Blind Wall Applications: KIM is able to be added to the concrete mix of new construction or can even be applied to the negative side (against the water pressure) of a structure. It is able to provide esteemed waterproofing from any direction be it positive or negative.
  • Environmentally Friendly Features: KIM is certified to be non-toxic and is even safe for potable water.

For the reasons listed above, KIM Concrete Admixture is the perfect choice for when other systems fail to eliminate leaks & water damage.