iAccelerate, Uni of Wollongong


University of Wollongong


Project Coordination


Complete Waterproofing

Products used in application

  • Polyglass Plana P Sheet Membranes
  • Hyperseal D230 Waterstops
  • KIM Concrete Admixture
  • KGM-300 Liquid Membrane


Located at North Wollongong, this $20m tertiary innovation centre & learning facility was recently constructed by Project Coordinations (Australia) Pty Ltd for Wollongong University.
Krystol Group recently provided Hyperseal Waterstops, Polyglass sheet membranes, Krystol concrete admixture and KGM liquid membranes to Project Co-ordination for this project in Wollongong.


Polyglass Plana P and Plana P Mineral, a double layer roof membrane system made from Atactic PolyPropylene (APP) and a bitumen-based compound were used on this project. These high quality membranes were installed to the concrete roof of the building.

Hyperseal D230 is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterstop system which provides a physical barrier to seal in-situ concrete joints. This joint treatment was applied to the lift pits on this project.

Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) is a chemical admixture used to protect concrete and concrete products against water intrusion, leakage, cracking, chemical attack, and corrosion of reinforcing steel. KIM was applied to the basement and walls of the building.

KGM-300 is an elastomeric liquid membrane which cures to form a durable, UV resistant, impervious, seamless membrane. KGM-300 was applied to the concrete awnings.

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