O’Bahn Tunnel SA


SA Government


McConnell Dowell


Rayners Building Supplies SA

Charles Perkins Centre

Products used in application

  • Hyperseal BR
  • Hyperseal DP
  • Hyperseal D230 Waterstops
  • Hyperseal X-Seal Waterstops


Construction of a 670m bus tunnel into Adelaide CBD was completed by McConnell Dowell for the SA state government. This tunnel will give Adelaide buses quicker access to the CBD,
taking passengers underground. Removing buses from the rest of the traffic will not only give Adelaide’s most popular public transport network a better run, but will also remove more than
1,000 buses each weekday from the road corridor, freeing up space for more cars.

Our SA distributor, Rayners Building Supplies, provided Hyperseal Waterstops to this $160m project.


Hyperseal BR, Hyperseal DP-2010, Hyperseal D-230 Joiners and Hyperseal X-Seal 600 waterstops were applied to the tunnel.

Hyperseal BR is a high-performance hydrophilic butyl rubber waterstop which swells to form a long-lasting water-tight compression seal. Hyperseal DP is a hydrophilic waterstop which can be applied against existing concrete and when in contact with water, the strips react and swell by up to 300% of their original dimensions to form a compression seal. Hyperseal D-230
is a PVC waterstop suitable for use on concrete expansion or construction joints. Hyperseal X-Seal is a single component, hydrophilic mastic which is used for sealing smooth and rough construction joints and pipe penetrations.

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