OLMC Parramatta


OLMC Parramatta


Novati Constructions



Kambala Girls School Library

Products used in application

  • Hyperseal BR
  • Hyperstop DB
  • Hyperseal D200/D150
  • Krystol Bari-Cote
  • Krystol T1


The Our Lady Of Mercy College, Parramatta – Brigid Shelly Building’s renovation and extension, valued at $13M, signifies a significant milestone in sustainable construction. Kryfix provided essential waterproofing solutions, including Hyperseal BR, Hyperstop DB, Hyperseal D200/D150, Krystol Bari-Cote, and Krystol T1 coating. The project integrates innovative
technologies like Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) for floor slabs and Glue Laminated (Glulam) beams, enhancing sustainability with lower embodied carbon footprint and expedited construction timelines.

With the incorporation of natural light, air circulation, and flexible, technology-enabled learning spaces, the building fosters an inspiring environment for both educators and students, reflecting modern educational ideals.


For the Our Lady Of Mercy College, Parramatta – Brigid Shelly Building, Kryfix supplied crucial waterproofing solutions. Perimeter areas were treated with either Hyperseal BR or
Hyperstop DB hydrophilic butyl/bentonite waterstop treatment, ensuring robust seals. Hyperseal D200/D150 PVC Waterstop was centrally placed between pours for enhanced
waterproofing integrity. Additionally, Krystol Bari-Cote crystalline waterproofing mortar, complemented by Krystol T1 coating, provided comprehensive protection against water

This combined solution guarantees long-lasting waterproofing performance, safeguarding the structural integrity and longevity of the building.

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