Oskars On Burleigh Restaurant


Oskars On Burleigh Restaurant


Wetlock Waterproofing


Bayset QLD

Oskars Burleigh

Products used in application

  • Polyglass Mapeplan TM


‘Oskars on Burleigh’, an upmarket seafood restaurant located on the Gold Coast, QLD, was recently experiencing leaking from the building roof. To ensure the restaurant was protected, the existing sheet membranes on the roof needed to be replaced.

Bayset, our QLD supplier, recently provided sheet membranes to this project to the contractor, Wetlock Waterproofing, which undertook the replacement of sheet membranes.


Polyglass Mapeplan TM, a synthetic roof membrane made from Thermal PolyOlefin (TPO) and reinforced with polyester net, was suitable for the project as it is resistant to UV rays and exposure to all weather conditions. It is also resistant to the aging process and has high solar reflectance with a heat reduction of >50%. More than 650m2 of Mapeplan TM sheet membrane was applied to the roof.

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