Royal Randwick Racecourse


NSW Government & Australian Turf Club


Brookfield Multiplex



Charles Perkins Centre

Products used in application

  • Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM)
  • Hyperseal BR Waterstops


Located at Randwick in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, construction of a new building & refurbishment of existing buildings was undertaken in 2013 by Brookfield Multiplex. The Randwick Pavilion and Teahouse and the existing Paddock Stand were demolished, and a new stand with increased capacity has been constructed in its place. The Queen Elizabeth II stand has also been refurbished, creating a vibrant new facility. An amphitheatre-style parade ring “Theatre of the Horse” was also developed. The historic Swab building has been restored and adapted for use as a conference facility with a museum, cafe, equine gallery etc.


KRYFIX provided Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete admixture and Hyperseal BR waterstops to this project.


Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) is a chemical admixture used for the treatment of concrete and concrete products to protect against water intrusion, leakage, cracking, chemical attack, and corrosion of reinforcing steel. KIM has the advantage of being a self-sealing system that transforms concrete into a powerful waterproof barrier. KIM was applied to the horse tunnels, tie-bolt holes and pre-cast walls of this project.


Hyperseal BR is a high performance, hydrophilic butyl rubber waterstop, which swells to form a long-lasting water-tight compression seal. Hyperseal BR was applied to the tunnels and the grandstand.

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