Sydney Desalination Plant


Sydney Water 


Water Delivery Alliance



Charles Perkins Centre

Products used in application

  • Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM)
  • Krystol T1
  • Hyperseal BR
  • Hyperseal D200 & D230 
  • Straight Joiners 
  • Hydrophilic Sealant 


Located at Kurnell in Southern Sydney near Cronulla, this large scale project uses new osmosis technology to extract drinking water from seawater. It was completed by the Water Delivery Alliance (Bovis Lend Lease, McConnell Dowell, KBR) for Sydney Water in 2010.


KRYFIX provided Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete admixture & Krystol T1 to this project as well as Hyperseal BR, D200 & D230 Waterstops, joiners and hydrophilic sealant


Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) was applied to the pump house of this development to protect the concrete and structural rebar which was exposed to the salty ground water. Approx 2000m3 of KIM treated concrete was poured to form the water-tight pump
house of the plant.

All pile caps and other highly exposed below-grade areas of the pump house were coated with Krystol T1.

Hyperseal Waterstops including Hyperseal BR, D200 PVC, D230 PVC, joiners and hydrophilic sealant were applied to the pump station, substation and below-grade areas of the Desalination Plant.

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